R-Series Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

MODEL NUMBERS: R-1500-01, R-1500-01A

The R-Series reverse osmosis systems are sized for medium volume usage applications. These compact, vertical systems mount securely to a pressurized storage tank. An integrated blending valve and TDS meter allow for precise TDS water profiles. The R-Series is part of the Kinetico Commercial Reverse Osmosis portfolio of products.

Advanced Filtration

Delivers high-quality pure water to your application by removing total dissolved solids (TDS).

Efficient Water Production

1500 gpd system maximizes RO production and reduces waste water.

Product Water Blending

Allows for precise blending of filtered water with reverse osmosis product water to achieve the desired TDS profile. Available with manual or autoblending control.

Space-Saving Design

Compact, Vertical Design. Mounts securely to a pressurized storage tank.

Optional Accessories

The R-Series has optional accessories including a remote by-pass box and a product storage tank.