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kinetico k5

KINETICO K5 Ever Clean Rinse™

  • The Kinetico Ever Clean Rinse™ automatically cleans the reverse osmosis membrane to prevent contaminant build-up, bacteria build-up, and premature membrane failure. Due to Kinetico’s patented design, it is only available on the Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station. With the Ever Clean Rinse™, the K5 system, as well as the RO membrane, come with a 10-year full coverage warranty. You won’t find such comprehensive coverage on any other system
kinetico k5

KINETICO K5 Filter Life Indicator

  • The K5 measures your water usage and shuts off once 500 gallons have been used to prevent you from consuming contaminated water due to overused filters
  • This simple indicator tells you how much capacity remains at any given time so you know when to change your filters  
kinetico k5

KINETICO K5 Pre-Filter

  • Removes chlorine and chloramines

  • Removes sediment as small as 1/16th the diameter of a human hair

  • Protect the system’s most crucial filter, the reverse osmosis membrane, from sediment build up, and deterioration from chlorine/chloramine 

kinetico k5

KINETICO K5 High Purity Module for K5

  • Removes traces of radiationperchlorate,medications, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals)

  • The High Purity Module is optional and can be added to the K5 Drinking Water Station either during the initial installation or at any other time

radiation in tap water
radiation in tap water
Perchlorate in drinking water
Perchlorate in drinking water
Prescription Drugs in Water Supply
Prescription Drugs in Water Supply
kinetico k5

KINETICO K5 Reverse Osmosis Membrane

  • Reverse osmosis membrane is the most critical filtration component

  • Most contaminants are removed through this filter where water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane

  • Removes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and protozoa/cyst

  • Removes up to 99% of all contaminants including arsenic, barium, chromium, cadmium, aluminum, lead, bromate, chlorine, chloramines, copper, fluoride, MTBE, radium 226/228, mercury, trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids, NDMA

Kinetico K5 RO Membrane
Kinetico K5 RO Membrane
kinetico k5

KINETICO K5 Mineral Plus Module for K5

  • Enriches ultrapure water with beneficial minerals which are harvested from nature

  • Produces alkaline water

  • The Mineral Plus Module is optional and can be added to the K5 Drinking Water Station either during the initial installation or at any other time


  • Better tasting water

  • Better tasting coffee

  • Hydrates your body

  • Improves mood

  • Supports your immune system

  • Carries more oxygen

  • Releases body’s toxins

  • Protects your body from leaching its minerals

  • Source of healthy electrolytes

  • Promotes bone health

  • Healthiest types of minerals

kinetico k5

KINETICO K5 Post-Filter

  • Filled with coconut shell carbon that removes any few remaining organic compounds that might otherwise cause foul taste or odor