Our customers reviews


      Every aspect of working with Kinetico (information, education, service, installation and follow) up has been truly exceptional. We are thrilled with our water system and with the company itself- especially the people.

    thumb John B.

      Great water purification/softening full service company. Great customer service. Alex and Jacob are wonderful!

    thumb Michelle W.

      WOW! I am extremely impressed with this company, and the customer service that comes with the product! First off, they came to my house, educated me thoroughly on water softeners.....and came by two days later to install. Then, they call every few months to check in on me, and see how my family loves the water softener.

    There are a lot of water softener companies to choose from out there. I would HIGHLY recommend using Kinetico. It's an investment that more than pays for itself. You not only are paying for the product, but the customer service. And, they NAIL it!

    thumb Jason Y.

      Ok they have great customer service. Good company to work with. They gave me all the information needed prior to my installation.love my water

    thumb Rosaria S.

      We have used this water system for a year and love it. We installed a Soft water system for the entire house and reverse osmosis at the kitchen sink with 2 dispensers - one reg temperature and one instant hot. Such a convenience and delicious water. Our skin and appliances are reaping the benefits of soft water. Installation was done expertly by the techs and we just had all filters changed one year later. Great service, great product and nice people.

    thumb Beth S.

      Excellent products and customer service by Kinetico. Each and every person I have had the pleasure to deal with has been extremely knowledgeable, polite and wonderful. Alex, who sold and had the water softening system installed for us a year ago always stays in touch every so often to check to make sure the system is performing well. Yevgeny, who called and stopped by today to do an annual maintenance checkup was fantastic. He tested the water to make sure it was giving the results expected from the system and also replaced the sediment filter. The folks at Kinetico deserve 10 stars!

    thumb Sachin J.

      Excellent Sales Representative, Damian Fernandez!  In addition, the install was done earlier than originally scheduled.  The plumber was fantastic and made the time to install even though he had a family emergency.  Having clean, soft water is an awesome thing!  Everyone should do this!  Thank you so much!!

    thumb Liz L.

      Great company to work with! Edward is fantastic, came out to my restaurant and provided me with everything I would need to have purified water throughout my establishment.  My restaurant system was installed quickly by Daniel who was great. And the Water??? FANTASTIC!

    thumb Corrie S.

      We had previously been renting from a soft water company for many years.  My husband and I decided to make the leap and purchase a unit.  I did a lot of researching, interviewing and asking questions.  We decided on Kinetico.  Not only did we purchase the soft water system but also the reverse osmosis system.  We couldn't have been more pleased.  Alex (our water specialist) spent so much time explaining everything that that's when we decided on getting the reverse osmosis system.  We had the units installed on Tuesday 8/22 by Dan and everything was done perfectly.  Alex came back today Thursday 8/24 to make sure we were happy and to double check our water.  I have to tell all of you that if you're looking to go this route, this company is top notch!!!

    thumb Judi B.

      I am very satisfied with my Kinetico water system.  Alex and Dan both gave great customer service throughout the process.  Alex in particular answered each of my questions thoughtfully and helpfully.  I am very glad I made the choice to go with Kinetico.

    thumb Kenneth T.

      Oh my God what an absolutely AMAZING experience!!! Let me expand:

    After hours and hours of research comparing every water system there is based on performance, what they actually filter out and how much of it they filter, as well as what their customer service is like etc (I actually have an excel sheet for it!). I finally selected Kinetico. Not only did their system filter out more undesirable elements than anyone else, they also filtered them out to higher degrees than anyone else. So great product.

    At first I wasn't sure I would get the same level of CS from a bigger company like Kinetico that I would from a local mom-and-pop, but I was sooooo pleasantly surprised. From Day-1, they sales agent (Alex) was just amazing. He answered all my OCD level questions about the systems, sent me proof of 3rd party certification of every claim of performance, was incredibly patient with all my research and was able to customize a system that does exactly what I want, and found a way to install it in my garage perfectly. So great product and great sales too.

    However, my impetus to write this review (which I don't usually do) was about the customer service. I was blown away by the whole team! I was out of town one day when I heard from neighbours that there seems to be a leak in my garage, I thought it may be from the installation, although I was not sure what the source was, and it was at night, I called Alex and sent him some pictures to see what he thinks. Not only did he pick up my calls after hours, he was supportive, and calming and genuinely concerned. He sent someone over immediately to take a look at everything, and even though it turned out to be a plumbing issue that had nothing to do with them, they waited around until my contractor/plumber came over and helped him identify the issue, and even called me with regular updates, and not a single complaint that I disturbed them after hours for something that turned out to have nothing to do with them. When I apologized for involving them, I was very graciously told not to give it a second thought, they understand I'm away and I'm concerned, and they will always be there with me and for me. Now that's what I call SERVICE, not just capital S, but capital all letters!!! So glad I selected them, and will be recommending them to anyone that will listen! Thank you Alex, Paul, and Dan!

    thumb Amira E.

      I have always wanted water softener system  in my house for years, but the price was always the issue and the competition with different water softener is a headache. I dealt with many pushy salesmen. I have heard many positive things about Kinetico So I contacted Them. Edward was able to answer some of my minor questions and he set up a consult for me to meet Alex. Alex was prompt with his appointment time, cheerful guy. He walked my kids and I on the process and I had no idea our water in our area is so bad. Even my kids where amazed. We all even chit chatted about our lives as if we've known each other for years . My kids chatting up a storm and Alex was never show disinterest  ok back to my system. He even offered us drinking system. My kids enjoyed water tasting and comparing with bottled water. Which Kinetco water taste so crisp and refreshing. I We were able to set up installation to accommodate my tight schedule WOW. If any of you are in the market for water softener I HIGHLY recommend Kinetico and ask for Alex. Price is right, taste is great, shower is Devine , cleaning made easier with Kinetico water softener system. Thank you so much Alex. Not only did I gain my water softener I also gained a friend.

    thumb Ana M.

      I have been looking for filtration system for my house for years and did a lot of research. Finally I choose Kinetico. I installed water filtration system and softner system and extremely happy not only about quality of the water in my house but also about customer services of the company and stuff. They check all my systems regularly and each time I am extremely satisfied.

    thumb Marina O.

      Dan was outstanding with his service.  He serviced our drinking system and checked our water softener and guaranteed that all was working perfectly. As he was doing so, he explained what he was doing throughout the service and was very neat and respectful.

    I bought the system a year ago & it exceeded my expectations & a year later the service has been phenomenal & the technician Dan was amazing.  

    I highly recommend this company.  What you pay is an investment in your health & living.

    thumb Mark H.

      great service!  Alex was amazing, took a lot of time to explain everything and we love the quality of our water.  We suggest getting the mineral cartridge.

    thumb Bhajneet S.

      I have had the Kinetico system for a while now so I feel extremely confident in recommending both the water softener and RO drinking water systems.  This is a top notch product in the market.  Very seldom is there a product out there that runs on its own, with no drama and very low key maintenance.  After wasting lots of time and money on two separate Culligan systems, I did my research and decided to spend a little more to reduce expensive repairs and down time.  This system works like a charm.  The drinking water is fantastic, and the soft water is sublime.  We are a large family and my kids constantly take showers. We also have a ton of laundry, and we cook every day.  The machine keeps up with our needs like a charm.  
    Most importantly, when my filters need to be changed, I text them and Paul is here usually on the same day.  These people do not just sell you the unit and disappear.  They are there every step of the way to answer your questions and check your system if necessary.  Believe me, I know, as I've been dealing with them for many years now.  They are pleasant, knowledgeable, and just great people.  It's not a cheap product but you get what you pay for.  I recommend both the product as well as the team behind it, Edward, Alex, and Paul, wholeheartedly.

    thumb Maral D.

      Hi Alex,
    I am extremely happy I made this purchase of the K5 system from you!  It has given me the optimum health I was looking for. My puppy thanks you too.

    As I read how water systems across the country are allowing so much to get past their filtration. The governments, local up to the federal, set the maximum allowable standards of clean water is unacceptable.

    I was made aware of pesticides and herbicides leaching into our ground water from crop growers just trying to feed America. Humanity eating foods that are laden with pesticides and herbicides causing all kinds of health problems. Obesity, type two diabetes, Alzheimer's are just to name a few. These toxins are not only in the water that grow our vegetables, it's IN the food too.

    I have made a health conscious decision to eat only organic foods. Yes it does cost a little more, but how can we put a price on people?  We are all worthy of a healthier life style in this day in age. Demand non-pesticide foods to all your grocery markets. This will begin the changes we all need for our children and our children's children. The best we can do now is wash all fruits and vegetables with highly filtered water. Don't cut into fruits until you wash it. Wash all veggies even if the package says"ready to eat".

    Kinetico has people in mind to improve lives with their highly developed water filtration systems. Kinetico is just NOT another company selling water filters. They have the science to back their products.

    I am not an employee of Kinetico or being paid by Kinetico for this post.

    I just want to be apart of the best thing we can do NOW for a healthier American, educate and raise awareness of this precious resource.

    thumb Roger H.

      I've installed water softener and RO water filteration. I'm very satisfied with the water quality that the system is providing.

    Alex is very professional at what he does. He really pays attention to what the customer has to say about the water system and tries to meet the services that the customer wants!  Superb

    thumb Julie C.

      The folks at Kinetico are great with timely responses to questions, installation and service calls.  Paul does master craftsmanship and a super clean installation while Alex is great with explaining the system and following up with any questions.  The soft water system works wonderfully, is very quiet and efficient and provides plenty of soft water for a large household.

    thumb Ann D.

      The kinetico water softening and reverse osmosis systems are universally recognized as the leaders of the pack.  When my wife and I read the water report for our area (South Bay beach city) we called Edward for some information.  He sent Alex down within a few hours and we received a very informative, 'non-salesy' demonstration and test of our water.  There was no hard-sell.  We ordered the K5 RO system and the Quad System water softener.  The installation was fast and the installer Paul was pleasant and efficient.  We have been enjoying our kinetico system since Thanksgiving and haven't regretted the decision for an instant.  We had a small issue that needed attention and Edward was very quick to respond and rectify it.  He takes his work and relationship with his customers seriously.  Very happy with the product, installation, and customer service.

    thumb david w.

      Installed our drinking system K5 model last week. Overall, really like the system and the service. The system we get is the most expensive one. They could work out a finance plan, which we got our monthly payment to $42/month. The water taste soft, if you like Evan water or Fuji water, that's kinda the taste you will get. Alex is our sales guy, he really cares about his customer, and make sure we get all the service done in a timely manner and professional. Very knowledgeable person.

    I would like to give a thumbs up to them.

    thumb xiaoning g.

      This post is long overdue. Switching to this water system is the best thing we've ever done, not only for our health but for our sons skin. He has severe eczema and this water system has helped tremendously with the healing of his skin. Unfortunately our city water has too much chlorine and other chemicals that are too harsh for such sensitive skin, we saw improvements right away after having the water system installed. I highly recommend this if you have similar skin issues. We also opted for the alkaline drinking water filter that also helps heal from the inside out. Edward is a good man and was very wonderful to deal with as well. And his team is very professional. We had a slight issue with our potassium filter and he fixed it right away and all was good again. Best money I've spent in a long time.

    thumb Krista S.

      Impressive service.  

    Edward met us at our home on a Sunday to show us the various options available to us and explained things thoroughly through his presentation and demonstration.   He was very accommodating in fulfilling what we were looking for and went above our expectations.  He schedule the work based on our timelines.  We schedule the work for the following Saturday.

    On Friday, Paul came to our house to inspect the location and setup.  Wow!  How many people do you know that would do that.   Paul inspected the location and reviewed what would happen the next day.

    On Saturday, Paul called 20 minutes before arrival and arrived on time.  He did a fantastic job installing the systems both outside and inside.  He literally spent all day on the site and meticulously went about doing an A+ job.  Very impressed with the work and professionalism.

    Highly recommend the sales and installation process.  I will follow up once I have a real-life experience with the system with a follow-up review.  Hopefully all will work as expected and advertised.

    Thanks Edward and Paul.

    thumb Armen B.

      Alex installed my reverse osmosis and soft water system in our house. Our water feels and tastes great! A big step up from the water here in San Marino which tastes like metal. We also bought an air purifier since we have indoor dogs. This has helped with all the pet dander in the air. Our living room feels very clean and there is little dust! Thank you Alex for your kind hospitality and always checking in our water system when you're in the area!

    thumb Danielle M.

      A friend recommended Kinetico to us. He's been running their system for years and was very happy with Kinetico's innovative products and their excellent service. We have installed a water softening system for our entire house. Edward, who is very knowledgeable, assisted us in finding the most effective system for our requirements. He then also supervised installation and service. We couldn't be happier. The quality of our water is top notch! And Kinetico's service is always fast, professional and solution oriented. We wish we would have found Kinetico earlier.

    thumb Markus K.

      These guys are top notch. Not only are their water softening systems built like swiss watches but their service is outstanding. I was looking for a softener after our dishwasher broke because of hard water (the repairman's words) but had I known about the benefits of soft water I would have installed a softener a long time ago. From bathing, to laundry, to drinking. It's night and day. And we consume a lot less soap because soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents produce a lot more lather with soft water. That's better for the environment of course but also for our wallet given the price of laundry detergent. The model we bought also functions as a water purifier so we have Arrowhead-quality water coming out of any faucet in the house. No more having to top-off the Brita filter all the time.

    thumb Dotan S.

      I am thrilled with Kinetico water. I've had it for over a year and couldn't be more pleased. It offers both Alkaline and regular water. I absolutely love the taste and the team of installers at Basic Technology company. Everyone is very professional and caring, the maintenance is hassle free and fast. This product is awesome. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
    I never rush into writing reviews, however, I've given this company and product a year, and I must say that it's the best of the best. Thank you for Kinetico water by Basic Technology!

    thumb Julia B.

      I researched all other water systems and ended up with Kinetico.
    Alex came to our house and did the water test and presentation.
    He is caring and professional. We installed water softening system for whole house and also water filter system under the sink. They connected the filter system to the refrigerator also. It's been a year since we installed the system and we are very happy with it. The water feels so soft and taste amazing. I like the system because it doesn't need electricity.
    I highly recommend it!

    thumb Keiko U.

      I found Kinetico trough a friend of mine. He has on his home in Scottsdale and he loves it. So I decided New Years resolution to get one. I contacted the company and they responded right away. Is was December 31. That didn't stop them to come. I spoke with Alex and he was fantastic. He explain to me how the system works and arranged right away to install. He send Paul to do it. He was very neat and organized. He even help me to install a new faucet that I just bought. Paul was a new dad. He came with the tag of the hospital. I can't believe he took his time to come and help me with my schedule. I end up getting the alkaline water and the regular water. The taste is really good. It does need a lot of space to fit everything there. I highly recommend. Alex called me a few weeks later to check up on me and to come and test the filter. Now 10 months later Alex called me today to follow up. Great service guys. I highly recommend them.

    thumb Ale R.

      I hate sales pitches almost as much as I loathe buying expensive stuff that I don't need.
    Right around my awful fridge water dispenser finally broke I received a referral from a close friend about Alex from Kinetico so I decided to hear the guy out. When Alex came by my house he was kind, respectful and SUPER informative - this guy is a water guru. His explanations made sense and his solution made even more sense. We got the Kinetico water purification system under our kitchen sink with two spouts: 100% filtered and one with electrolytes. Installation was a snap and we never looked back.
    Water is the element of life so we decided to invest in our health. Even if you're on the fence, Alex is great at presenting the facts in a chill, no obligation manner.

    thumb Daniel C.