• Dotan S.

    These guys are top notch. Not only are their water softening systems built like swiss watches but their service is outstanding. I was looking for a softener after our dishwasher broke because of hard water (the repairman’s words) but had I known about the benefits of soft water I would have installed a softener a long time ago. From bathing, to laundry, to drinking. It’s night and day. And we consume a lot less soap because soaps, shampoos, laundry detergents produce a lot more lather with soft water. That’s better for the environment of course but also for our wallet given the price of laundry detergent. The model we bought also functions as a water purifier so we have Arrowhead-quality water coming out of any faucet in the house. No more having to top-off the Brita filter all the time.

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  • Neeraj Mittal

    I have been using the system for a few months now and am glad I got it. I researched a lot of systems out there from installed to DIY, this one stood out the best to me. All the guys are super responsive and even when I ran into issues, their customer service has been impeccable. Getting good water was important to me and I got everything i was expecting from it! I have had a good experience with the entire crew I have met from Alex to Paul to Ed.

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  • Julia B.

    I am thrilled with Kinetico water. I’ve had it for over a year and couldn’t be more pleased. It offers both Alkaline and regular water. I absolutely love the taste and the team of installers at Basic Technology company. Everyone is very professional and caring, the maintenance is hassle free and fast. This product is awesome. I would highly recommend it to anyone. I never rush into writing reviews, however, I’ve given this company and product a year, and I must say that it’s the best of the best. Thank you for Kinetico water by Basic Technology!

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  • Keiko U.

    I researched all other water systems and ended up with Kinetico. Alex came to our house and did the water test and presentation. He is caring and professional. We installed water softening system for whole house and also water filter system under the sink. They connected the filter system to the refrigerator also. It’s been a year since we installed the system and we are very happy with it. The water feels so soft and taste amazing. I like the system because it doesn’t need electricity. I highly recommend it!

    10/25/2015 Find out more